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“I was so broke it took two weeks to pay off a $5 debt.”


Gang. My name is Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and I was born in Bridgeport, CT. From growing up in the hood, to making $300k in a year as a 24 year old, the path wasn’t always so easy.

I was a broke college student. I realized how broke I was when I made a $5 bet on a NBA game with one of my teammates and when I lost the bet, it took me 2 weeks to pay it off. Yeah, that type of broke. I came across a Tai Lopez YouTube video which changed my whole life around. I realized the 9-5 life wasn’t for me and I also realized the college basketball life wasn’t for me. I dropped out of college my SENIOR YEAR not caring if I graduated or not, to solely focusing on learning entrepreneurship, creating a business, and of course: learning how to day trade in the market.

5 years later, I’m a reality TV star and a professional day trader. The decision to dive FULLY into the market was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I met my wife and moved to Los Angeles, California. Now, I live in the most luxurious high-rise apartment complex in all of Downtown LA.

From there, I realized I had a skillset not only had I developed, but had tried & tested over the last 5 years which caused me to create The Swag Academy. To not only inspire people to have the entrepreneurial spirit, but also to teach people how to make an extra income for theirselves. The goal for some people may be to day trade part-time while excelling at their actual careers while the goal for MOST is to be able to make money from their phone while living a life of freedom. Whatever your goal is, I can help you get there. I’ve helped many, and I can help you too. Hope to see you inside 🙏🏾 GANG.


Here are the 3 steps that allows any and everyone to go from not having any knowledge in the market at all to being a very good trader.



A lot of people have the misconception that you can study for a week and make profits live instantly. That is 100% false. You must study over a period of time until you feel like you truly understand why the markets are moving the way they move. Rushing to increase your bank account will only cloud your judgment when you start making live trades. We try to help you release some of that pressure and to focus on being consistent. Once you’re consistent in studying the material and growing your knowledge one step at a time, it allows you to move to the next step a lot faster. Which is opening up a demo account.
Opening up a demo account may seem FUN but we want everyone to take it seriously. There’s a reason everyone makes profits on demo and have the complete opposite effect when they start to trade live. It’s because they don’t take demo trading and backtesting seriously. They put whatever trade on with whatever lot size, and make money without their heart ever skipping a beat. Here, we teach you to manage your emotions and to focus heavily on trades you would make on a real account. After a period of time of getting positive results on a demo account, we move on to the real thing: A live account.
Once you start a live account, you officially made it. It’s time. This is where the REAL trial and error process starts. When you place your very first live trade, you start to experience a whirlwind of emotions that you never experienced on a demo account. Your heart will skip a beat, you may hesitate on trades, manually get out earlier than you expected, and so much more. Our job here is to help you manage that over the course of a few months, and teach you how to trade like a “robot,” where you’re not experiencing any emotions. Over time, you’ll feel 100% comfortable in the market and can decide if you want to keep this as a part-time job or to go full-time. But it all starts with following the 3 steps laid out in the path, and taking them seriously.

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What We Do Best


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