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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Course Is Better?

They’re both pretty good. For the average person who wants to learn the market at their own pace and speed, the Tier 1: online course is the one for you. You can watch videos and interact with the community via the social timeline whenever you choose. For those who want to learn the market at a faster level, the VIP intermediate course is for you. 

If I buy the online course, can I upgrade to the VIP Intermediate later?

Of course! A lot of our students have actually done that. You have the full option to immediately get access to the VIP Intermediate program or to get the online course and upgrade at a later date. You ONLY pay the difference in the COURSE. You don’t pay full price on the course you want to upgrade to. For example, if you purchased a $300 course, and want to upgrade to the $850 course, at a later date, you would only pay $550. Just make sure you message me before you try and upgrade so I can give you the coupon code to deduct $300!

What's the difference with the online course and the VIP Intermediate course?

The online course is more of a “self-taught” formula, where I give you access to the entire library which includes 70+ videos and written content, access to the social timeline, and more. The VIP Intermediate course is an advanced course that gives you access to an advanced set of videos that are NOT seen in the online course (60+), access to webinars, daily breakdowns of the pairs I’m trading in the market, and more. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to give you access to the course without full payment. If students wish to have the VIP Intermediate plan, we advise you to get the online course at a much cheaper rate, learn the material, get comfortable with other like-minded traders, and upgrade at a time more feasible for you.

How long is the course?

The online course has about 70+ videos/written content and the advanced course has about 60. It’ll probably take you about 3-4 weeks to fully watch every single thing. You of course can binge watch it all in a matter of 2 days, but you won’t retain much because of how much information you’re going through in 2 days. We recommend taking your time, watch a few videos a day, and study over time so everything clicks. There’s about 30 hours of content in there. 

Is there a coupon code?

Not for new members. New members pay full price. The only reason there’s a discount code when you checkout, is for those who want to upgrade from Tier 1’s course to Tier 2’s course. The discount code allows for them to upgrade without paying full price.

Is there a 1 on 1 course?

Not anymore. When I first started the academy, we had one in place. The more we grew, it didn’t make sense to have 1 on 1’s anymore as opposed to creating the dopest content to cater to everyone. I do plan on creating another Tier for DIRECT 1 on 1’s. That will drop sometime in early July. Limited space available to guarantee my ultimate focus. More to come in the next few weeks.

What's the refund policy?

There are no refunds. Please make sure you read all the features, read what the course entails, and make sure it’s something you want! There’s so much great content in there that I’m sure you won’t have that problem. If you came to my website from YOUTUBE, then I’m sure you’ll love my paid content – if you love my free content. But of course, be positive this is what you want before clicking buy.

Once I join, where do I start?

From the beginning! This may seem like an obvious question but I get this question a lot. The course currently has SEVEN LEVELS with about 5-10 videos per level. There are 120+ videos total (including Both Tiers).

How can I contact Swaggy?

Once registered, you can easily message him privately using your profile on the timeline! Swaggy answers all questions in his messages. 

Does the VIP Intermediate come with Tier 1?

Yes it does.

Do we get signals while we learn?

No. This program is designed to teach you how to trade on your own so you won’t be dependent on anyone else. Now, we’ll all help you with your trades such as helping you analyze beforehand, helping with your psychology during the trade, giving you feedback afterwards, but the goal is to have you as an independent trader when it’s all said and done. You won’t need to rely on a guru, the media… nobody. Just you and the market. So there are no signals that say: “Trade Gold now at 1700/oz and get out at 1750, SL at 1695!” Because that would make you reliant on an individual, and what happens if you get a few trades wrong which is NORMAL? You’ll blame that individual. We’re all about accountability here. Growth!

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